14 Temmuz 2015 Salı

Uluslar arası evden eve taşımacılık

lojistig transportation from home to home and seeking domestic and foreign companies serving clients in Southeast transportation home from home is positively support their customers with safe and high quality service. First, what goods taken from the province, which will be collected and by whom the goods will go to the floor MATCH MATCH taken from the floor of the goods to be taken and will be taken with the clothes that will be broken utensils, etc. Please contact us for information dahafazl

MAĞZA packaging of goods which will be used patches and fixes goods that crossed another province in depoya ie in my will or my left. insurance nature of the goods to be done is they made the contract in case of verbatim agreement made with the customer fiyatlandırılıp examined by exp element we send free moving day will be delivered to him by the customer when you are finished moving faturalandırılıp vehicles and personnel are available

Office and shop factory in hospitals, schools exactly the fiyatlandırılıp customer scrutinized by exp element we send free taşimacılıkta etc. agreement prepared as if the contract made moving day will be delivered to him by the customer when the vehicle and components are available faturalandırılıp moving bits http://www.antepevdenevenakliyat.net/ 0532 291 48 27 0342 221 22 31 0532 468 36 74 0532 468 36 74 

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